Ayush Khedia

Bitotsav 2019, BIT Mesra

Bitotsav, which is the annual cultural festival of BIT Mesra was held from 14th to 17th Feb, 2019. Various artists were supposed to perform at the fest and one of my favorites was 'Highway 69', a band from the city of Ranchi which is an inspiration for all the metal-heads out there. The show was scheduled on 17th Feb, but due to unfortunate rains and hailstorm, all the equipments were damaged and the show had to be cancelled. The artists were here and we didn't know what exactly should be done. This situation was very difficult for students of our age and inexperience to handle. At that point of time 'SeekRit Management' managed by Tarun Kachhap, handled the situation in a very mature and professional manner. They understood the depth of the situation and came to middle grounds by organizing a small Jam session of the students of our college and Highway 69 at our music room. At the end if the day, neither the artists, nor the students were disheartened. This was the best possible manner in which the situation could have been handled and I am thankful to them for the same.


Sayan Sutradhar

Guitarist, Cross Affinity

Do you want to have great artists at your event/fest or do you want your event/fest to be managed in such a way that it becomes successful and the people around keep talking about it for ages? Then SeekRit Management is the place you should go to.Recently, Thunderstrock Festival 2019 was sponsored and managed by SeekRit Management, and I was a part of a band named Cross Affinity, who were invited to play in the festival.And what an experience it was! Starting from the morning we came to Ranchi from Bhubaneshwar, the hospitality that SeekRit Management provided was totally down to earth and cheerful. The event was so freaking amazing, like all the minute little things that were so carefully organized, the crowd that turned up, the ambiance, I mean literally everything was so well versed. It was indeed one hell of an experience and this event wouldn't have been such a huge success without the BTS work put on by SeekRit Management.


Abhishek Raj

IIT Kharagpur

Good management and Great artist. They even arrange the sound system and photographers too! Everything is taken care of as a whole without any hassle. SeekRit management is the best if you don't want any hassle throughout the event.


Arjun Sen

KIIT Fest 2019, KIIT Bhubaneswar

Well there's much more to say about them which can't be expressed in words. The most genuine and honest people you can interact with immense support be it artists or even the most basic event requirement. There are people who work, and then there's SeekRit who works with passion and I believe there's no replacement to the later.


Atanu Sarkar

Founder, JPG Extreme Music Revolution

One of the best A&R management i have seen so far. Done an awesome job at #metalrevolt where they managed the amazing #highway69 from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Definitely a part of the next edition of Metal Revolt 🤘


Tom Murmu

Santhali singer/songwriter

Personally I really loved the concept of #SeekRit . The step they have took to uplift the Artist from Jharkhand is insane. Best wishes to the whole team.💫

Jonty Minz (12).jpg

Arun Pariyar

Guitarist, Bipolar Shadows

My band @bipolarshadows was called upon as an artist in the thunderstrock festival which was organized by the team. The conversation with the management team was great from the beginning and they were prompt in whatever our needs/queries were. It's really commendable about how the management keeps the quality of everything branding to social media posts to stage to sound and many more. Also, the set we played was conducted in a timely manner we didn't felt any rush to finish the set in the allotted time which enabled us to play the best. Must say they are great in time management as well. Totally recommend these guys.


Alaap Banerjee


SeekRit Management was instrumental in making Pantheon'19 a great success. The final nights performance by Alvin Rozario was the much needed icing on the cake. I extend my heart-felt gratitude to SeekRit Management and also recommend other people to work with them


Ayush Kumar

Pantheon 2019, BIT Mesra

I was pretty much involved in deciding about the nights. Earlier our team thought that Alvin, recommended by SeekRit Management, is an emerging artist, so he could be a good economical option for us. But when his performance started on the last night of #Pantheon_19, we all were awestruck. Alvin's voice sounded magical and he was a match to any Bollywood singer. I would like to thank SeekRit Management, specially Tarun, for arranging such wonderful performance and managing everything. I hope to continue this association in future as well.